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Oak Hill Elementary

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McGraw Hill Connect Ed

ConnectED Student Logon


Student will need to log onto Google apps using their email account.   

This is either through a Managed Chrome book or Chrome on another computer.  


Once the student has logged into Google apps, Scroll to the bottom of the page  and Click McGraw-Hill Education connectED


Encyclopedia Britannica




Moby Max                                     Studies Weekly


Clever                Reading Inventory


TK and Kdg    
ABC Mouse StarFall  
1st grade    
Mrs. Yrigollen's Moby Max  Starfall  
 Mrs. Popovich Moby Max  ABC mouse  
Fun Brain    
2nd grade    
Fun Brain 2nd Grade  
Dance Mat Typing PBS Kids  
3rd grade    
FunBrain - 3rd Grade Moby Max sign-in  
4th grade  
Dance Mat Typing    
Prodigy Games    
5th grade    
6th grade